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WCT Realtors was founded in 2004 on the basis of providing a complete one-stop top quality sales and marketing services for commercial & residential communities in Malaysia.

Throughout the years, we have successfully established close management relationships with selected property owners who share our vision for asset preservation and who are looking for comprehensive services that are tailored to their business goals.

Our success is rooted in our experience in Property Sales, Marketing planning and Management Services. Since the inception of the company, we have been building an excellent reputation in the real estate industry with recurring clienteles.

WCT Realtors is a team of professionals with a network of strategic partners that provide exceptional levels of service to ensure the success of the communities that we manage.  Together with in depth market knowledge, combined with hands-on approach, our services  allow  our clients to find the best selling solution for their unique property needs.

Our professional team of highly experienced personnels offer a diverse range of Sales and Marketing Planning  with a special emphasis on and niche in personalised service.In WCT Realtors, we aim to provide individualized and knowledge-based service. We aspire to service the bottom line and increase asset values at the same time in a wholehearted, committed and trustworthy manner.

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